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Gastromuñoz is a Center for Gastroenterology, High Complexity Endoscopy, Bariatric Endoscopy and Digestive-Absorptive Nutrition, made up of specialists with years of foreign training and experience in the area, who work in an interdisciplinary way to provide the best care for patients with tract disorders. gastrointestinal. Located in the city of Guayaquil, in the Medical Tower 5 "Eduardo Alcívar" of the Alcívar Hospital in the south of the city, in our Center medical and nutritional consultations are carried out, as well as the main procedures.

Dr.Roberto Muñoz

Gastroenterólogo Endoscopista Especialista en vía biliar, páncreas y endoscopía bariátrica
Argentina - Brasil

Maria Belén Gómez

Lic. en nutrición, dietética y estética Especialista en enfermedad celíaca y trastornos digesto-absortivos
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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